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Dietetics and Nutrition Dietician Aybuke KAYMAKCI
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Dietician Aybuke KAYMAKCI

Dietetics and Nutrition
Born in Denizli in 1997, Nutrition and Diet Specialist Aybüke Kaymakcı successfully completed her undergraduate education as an honor student at Istanbul Arel University. During the same period, she studied Cookery in Anadolu University Open Education Faculty associate degree program.
During his undergraduate education, he worked at Denizli Servergazi State Hospital, Istanbul Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu State Hospital, Beylikdüzü Municipality Health Affairs Directorate and many clinics.
He participated in important certificate programs such as Obesity Overview and Metabolic Surgery Symposium, Multidisciplinary Approach in Athlete Health and Nutrition, Malnutrition in Chronic Diseases, Clinical Approaches in Microbiota, Solution-Focused Approaches in Child Nutrition Symposium.
He earned the title of International Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) with the International Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics training.
During his university years, he had the chance to work in different branches and improved human relations. 
He has been serving his clients in the fields of obesity, weight management, nutrition in diseases, nutrition in pregnancy and lactation, nutrition in children and sports nutrition since 2019, which he started with online nutrition consultancy.
Nutrition and Diet Specialist Aybüke Kaymakcı has an address on her Instagram account @dytaybukek, which she also shares about nutrition and good life.

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