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Exp. Esthetician Gulperi KARAOMCA

Aesthetic And Beauty Unit

Specialist Esthetician Gülperi Karaomca, born in Denizli in 1977, attended primary and secondary school in Aksaray. She graduated from Denizli Governor Vefki Ertür Girls' Vocational High School in 1993. She worked as a sports trainer in a private center in Denizli between 1995-2001.

In 2001, she completed the trainings approved by the Ministry of National Education and received the "Esthetician and Beauty Specialist" certificate. She continued her working life and career as a Specialist Esthetician in a private clinic between 2001-2006 and in a private hospital in 2009.

In April 2021, she has been working as a Clinical Specialist Esthetician at the Aesthetics and Beauty Center within the Private Denizli Surgery Hospital.


Specialist Esthetician Karaomca, who has certificates in the trainings and workshops she attended for many years, she is married and has a child.

+90 (258) 2666768

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