Biochemistry and laboratories

Biochemistry and laboratories
Last Updated 26-05-2022 10:57:31

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we are proud to be active not only in the treatment and patient relations part, but also in medical research and development studies. In this context, we attach importance to using the most up-to-date and high-tech methods in analysis processes where biochemical mechanisms are examined in depth and treatment processes of patients are monitored. 

In our biochemistry laboratories equipped with rich device technologies, the monitoring of different mechanisms in health processes and disease processes gives us a stronger insight into diagnosis and the diagnostic process, and innovative treatment disciplines. 


Which Biochemical Analysis Does Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Perform? 

Our biochemistry laboratories, where the data and analyzes needed in the treatment and examination processes will be carried out, have maximum hygiene standards. In these areas where our laboratory technicians and doctors work, analysis methods developed by following international technologies allow us to offer you the best and modern health services. 

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we perform all of the following biochemical analyzes in our advanced laboratories: 

1.  Routine Biochemistry tests: We analyze the tests we perform for our patients in these laboratories. In particular, diabetes tests, liver tests, kidney tests and much more, which are frequently wanted to be performed, are carried out in a way that gives fast results. 

2.  Cardiac tests: All of the examinations related to heart health are carried out in the Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital. Our specialist doctors take the lead in providing the necessary conditions for the analyzes, while our professional laboratory technicians complete the analyzes and convey the findings to the doctors about the subject. 

3.  Endocrinology (Hormonology) tests: Examinations related to the determination of imbalances related to hormone secretion processes and to find the source of these imbalances are considered as Endocrinology tests. All of these examinations are carried out with great care in Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital. 

4.  Hematology (Blood Diseases Science) tests: These tests, which are carried out with the aim of detecting and following the developments especially related to anemia or chronic blood diseases, are completed by using high technology devices in our hospital. 

5.  Prenatal Screening Tests: The tests performed to ensure that the health of the baby is in place before the birth enables the examination of mental disability problems in particular. Prenatal screening tests, detailed examination of health problems such as Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) or neural tube defects (NTD), Trisomy 13 will closely affect the birth decision and the pregnancy experience of the mother. Additional tests such as PAPP-A, free hCG measurement are also listed among prenatal screening tests. The measurement of the nape thickness of the baby is also made by the Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital within the framework of these tests, and a general evaluation of the risk situations related to the baby is made with the results obtained. These tests are extremely important to ensure that your baby develops healthily in the prenatal period. 


What Diseases Does Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Treat in Biochemistry Laboratory? 

Thanks to the high-tech devices we use in our hospital, it is possible to detect and treat the following health problems. Performing tests directly in the same hospital allows the process to be completed faster. Especially hormone tests, enzyme tests, RIA tests, metabolic diagnosis and screening tests, urine tests, cardiac and tumor markers, which are very valuable for early diagnosis of cancer, and much more are carried out with great care by the expert staff of our hospital.

Completion of health-related examinations in a fast, easy and practical way; Get expert support to make sure the tests give the most accurate results. We carefully manage the process in our private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital laboratories and thus support your treatment processes. Contact us at any time.