Dietetics and Nutrition

Dietetics and Nutrition
Last Updated 10-02-2022 13:57:30

We care about you having a healthier, stronger and more dynamic life. Putting your nutrition and life routine to a certain standard with our specialist doctors can help you overcome the fatigue, burnout, physical pain, weight problem and other problems that may require medical intervention. 

Our dieticians serving at Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital provide detailed counseling, health follow-up and body analysis services to patients who want to turn to different nutrition styles due to various health problems or lifestyles. Diet routines, which will ensure that your body has the necessary values, are prepared individually by dietitians, and new actions are taken with proactive updates by following the diet. 


What are the Diagnosis and Treatment Services of the Department of Nutrition and Diet? 

In our rich Nutrition and Diet department, which consists of expert dietitians, life and meal routines are provided to you within the framework of your health status, needs and lifestyle, which will ensure that your body has the ability to perform all necessary functions in a healthy way. 

Dietitians provide professional services not only to individuals who want to lose weight due to aesthetic concerns, but also to people who need to gain or lose weight due to various ailments, and people who need to have a more balanced diet routine. The patient groups served are generally infants, children, adults, elderly individuals and pregnant individuals. Due to their special circumstances, breastfeeding mothers may also need comprehensive and professional dietary counseling. You can get detailed guidance and health follow-up on this subject by contacting our expert dietitians.  


What is Considered in Nutrition and Diet Department Services? 

Our dietitians, who accept patients in the Nutrition and Diet Department, perform a detailed examination before starting the treatment and process management. Within this trigger framework, the following factors are noted about you: 

1.  Your blood values, 

2.  Your body's current muscle and fat ratios,

3.  The amount of muscle and water in your body,

4.  Your basal metabolic rate,

5.  Your physical activity routine,

6.  Your current eating habits,

7.  Your height and weight

Examinations and analyzes performed using various methods such as bioelectrical impedance are strengthened by an oral interview with you by your dietitian. In this way, the dietitian will have detailed information about your life routine, your complaint that caused you to visit, and your physical condition that affects the diet program you should use. At Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, you can benefit from personalized nutrition therapy and adopt a routine that will bring you a healthier body and life.


Nutritional Treatments for Chronic and Periodic Diseases

Regular follow-up and nutrition programs to be developed for a particular disease can enable you to have a life routine with higher standards. 

In this context, in addition to the knowledge and attention of your specialist doctor in nutritional treatments for diseases, it will be important to be in regular contact with the doctor and to follow your doctor's recommendations. Gluten-free nutrition programs prepared for Celiac patients who make gluten digestion impossible are an important example of nutritional treatments developed for diseases. 

Both outpatient and inpatient services are provided in nutritional treatments for diseases. After consultations with our doctors working in your nutrition and diet department, your doctor will recommend the best program for your health. 


Sports Nutrition

Our dietitians, who are experts in their fields, provide special health follow-up services for professional individuals who actively use their physical strength and need to keep their performance stable. 

The process of participating in regular training sessions and presenting physical performance as a professional product makes the nutrition and exercise routines of athletes more important than it seems. In this context, the health status, blood values ​​and body fat/muscle ratios, which are regularly monitored with the help of expert dietitians, provide detailed information to the patient about the process. 

Specialist doctors working in Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital provide professional nutrition consultancy services that will enable you to maintain your profession strongly.


Pregnant – Breastfeeding Nutrition Counseling 

Nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important for the development of your baby's mental health, as well as for the physical development to continue as needed. It is extremely important for the mother to be fed as much as necessary, not with less or more than necessary, and to ensure a healthy psychological closeness that will develop between the mother and the child after birth. The help you will receive from our professional dieticians during pregnancy and breastfeeding;

1.  Ensuring weight control,

2.  Increasing the efficiency of the baby from feeding,

3.  Supporting milk production,

4.  It serves various purposes such as supporting the mother's various vitamin or mineral deficiencies with nutrition. 

Not only pregnant women, but also women who are expecting to become pregnant in the near future should pay attention to their nutrition for the health of the baby. In this context, the nutritional counseling service to be obtained from a specialist dietitian is extremely important. We care about your baby and you. You can get professional support in this field from Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital.


Diabetes Nutrition Counseling Service

Diabetes is a disease with an increasing number of diagnoses, especially in recent years. Type 1 diabetes, which usually recurs in childhood or adolescence, needs to be followed in detail throughout life. In this process, it is vital to follow the diets prepared carefully and by professionals. In order to prevent the occurrence of larger complications and risky surgical processes, following the nutrition and physical activity plans planned by expert dietitians can increase your quality of life.

Similarly, Type 2 diabetes is a health problem that can be experienced together with the active support of a dietitian. In diabetes diets;

1.  To ensure that the body has access to all the nutritional values ​​it needs,

2.  To avoid foods that have negative effects on life in the long term,

3.  Ensuring that alternative foods and recipes are included in the diet in order to prevent sweet crises and support patient psychology,

4.  Supporting the diet with sports and physical activity plans can be counted in line with the main goals of the dietitian. 

A comprehensive nutrition and diet consultancy service that you will receive from dietitians who are experts in their fields will help you prevent larger health problems. 


Dietitian Support for Weight Gain Programs

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital dietitians provide special services for adults and children who need to be included in weight gain programs. Programs created by considering the patient's age, lifestyle, health problems and other details should be followed regularly. In this process, a professional perspective makes it possible to create a plan in line with the patient's body composition measurements.


Dietitian Support for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Programs 

One of the most preferred programs, the weight loss and weight maintenance program allows you to have a routine that will allow you to lose weight while eating healthy enough. This routine is supported by specific physical activity routines within the framework of your dietitian's recommendations. A healthy life routine, calorie values, nutritional values ​​and much more aim at first reaching your ideal weight and then maintaining it. 

Thanks to the help you receive from specialist dietitians, we aim to maintain a higher standard of living routine at Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital. With our doctors and other staff, we aim to raise the standards of social health, and in this context, we adopt an idealistic understanding.