Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Last Updated 10-02-2022 15:09:22

Elimination of congenital or acquired problems in your mobility requires highly professional physical therapy and rehabilitation processes. In this context, step-by-step improvement of the movement functions of different areas of your body requires high-tech devices, technologically rich areas where rehabilitation can be carried out, and specialists who adopt modern treatment approaches. 

What Does Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Mean? 

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation deals with the treatment and improvement of functional movement disorders that prevent a person from performing self-care regularly. The inability of the limbs to function adequately, especially as a result of an accident or fall, may require the re-development of the relevant tissue or organ with regular exercises. 

In this process, both tissue and bone health should be taken into account, psychological health should be protected during the development process and movement exercises should be completed regularly. Rehabilitation requires a multidisciplinary approach in physical therapy processes. For this reason, the therapy process you are involved in by taking advantage of the comprehensive services of a hospital that is advanced in its field may mean that you will get much higher efficiency.

We, as Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, care that you experience both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment processes with maximum comfort. Different methods can be used to overcome permanent movement restrictions and temporary problems. In this context, our experts can choose the most suitable one for you among the following methods: 


The most important feature of this process, which is carried out with heat application, is that it increases the relevant function capacity. Thermotherapy is a method that is frequently used especially in prostate treatments. This method, which is especially used for painful areas, can be applied superficially or deeply. Warm applications using hot water, thermal packs, electric currents, or ultrasound beams can have very strong effects. 


This method means cold working in the area with functional limitations. This method, which is used to lower the local body temperature, is usually performed at 18 degrees. In this method, which is generally used in treatments, processes at 18 degrees and below are called cold processes. Operations between 24 and 33 degrees are lukewarm. Heat treatments carried out in the range of 35 to 33 degrees provide neutral temperature. In general, these methods, which provide repolarization and reshaping the excitability rates, have supportive properties to the exercise processes of physical treatments.


Hydrotherapy methods carried out to support the physiotherapy process cover every process in which water is used. Especially when the applications related to the hot water tub are continuous, it can be extremely relaxing. Hydrotherapy, which accelerates the healing processes and allows the pressure and temperature effect of water to be used together, is preferred by many physiotherapy specialists. After detailed examinations by your physiotherapist, it is decided which treatment methods may be more therapeutic for you.


Regular exercises aim to work and strengthen the almost inactive areas of the body. The mobility of the strengthened areas increases in life, and this ability allows the experience of pain to decrease. It is possible to perform these exercises in two different ways, which increase the performance of muscles and tissues in certain parts of the body. 

  • You can regularly perform exercises in special physical rehabilitation areas accompanied by your doctor.
  • You can regularly perform the exercises that your doctor sends you in writing in your own living space. 

Which Diseases Does the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Treat?

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Department is applied for the treatment of many medical problems from stroke treatment to Parkinson's disease. Modern treatment methods enable gradual recovery and thus a healthy and permanent rehabilitation process focused on exercise takes place. 

In general, the following health problems and much more are handled by the specialists serving in our hospital within professional processes. If you wish, you can quickly make an appointment and proceed to treatment quickly after the examination process you will perform.

  • spinal cord injuries,
  • sports injuries,
  • degenerative joint problems,
  • nerve compressions,
  • headaches,
  • Waist and neck hernia,
  • Hand injuries.

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital with Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services

Thanks to the high-tech devices in the Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, it is possible to treat fracture-dislocation treatments, joint disorders, meniscus disease, ligament injuries and other musculoskeletal system problems. 

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital with Neurological Rehabilitation Services

Some of the physical therapy applications especially require the treatment of the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system may cause the inability to transmit the orders from the central nervous system, including the brain, to the organs or the inability to transmit the movement information of the organs to the brain. 

In this case, neurological treatments will be extremely important for the person to be able to control their behavior and to have will over their actions. Comprehensive and multidisciplinary applications of the rehabilitation service can be extremely important, especially for the smooth realization of sensory and movement input.

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital with Pain Treatment Services

There can be many reasons for the occurrence of various pains in any part of the body. In order to overcome the pain caused by natural causes, various physiological treatments should be applied professionally and regularly. Moreover, the benefits of various exercises added to the daily routine in order to prevent the continuation of pain treatments are extremely beneficial. In this context, it is possible to provide high efficiency together with the exercises that your physiotherapist will offer you and the treatment process you will perform together.