Home Health Unit (remote clinic)

Home Health Unit (remote clinic)
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Home Health Services

With our 14 years of experience, the health service we offer in our hospital is now at your home.

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we broke new ground for our patients and their relatives. We became the first private hospital to implement "Home Care Services" in Denizli for our patients and their relatives who need home care.
What is Home Health Services?

Home Health Services is the provision of the health care service you need in your home or workplace at your location. Our health teams prepare the treatment and care plan necessary for you and provide you with health services at your location.

Our patients who want to receive health services at their location, who cannot go to a health institution due to their illness, who have problems in transportation, who are bedridden or who have lost their mobility, will be able to benefit from the Home Health Services offered by our hospital .

To get detailed information and price about our Home Health Services, you can fill out the form on the side and contact us at 0535 250 71 71.

Who Can Benefit From Our Home Health Services?

  • Bedridden patients and elderly people who need care,

  • Those with chronic diseases such as COPD, Heart, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Dementia, Hypertension,

  • Paralyzed patients and disabled people,

  • People who have undergone surgery,

  • Newly born mothers and their babies,

  • Mothers who want to receive training on baby care,

  • Patients in the terminal period,

  • All individuals who want to take blood and urine tests and examination procedures at home, without coming to the hospital,

  • Patients who need physical therapy at home,

  • Patients who need a doctor at home,

  • Those who need nutritional control and support at home,

  • Patients who need on-site wound care, dressing support, injection, and serum insertion,

  • Relatives of patients who need support in patient care,

  • Situations where patient transport is required.


Why is Home Care Services Necessary?

Home Care Services;


  • Reducing the risk of infection that may occur in the health institution of the patient who has undergone surgery (such as surgery, wound, incision),

  • Minimizing the risk of complications that may occur for the patient who leaves the hospital after surgery or as a result of chronic diseases,

  • In cases where a care plan is required according to the needs of the patient who will receive the service,

  • In accelerated treatment processes in order to achieve the maximum effect of the healing process of the patient,

  • In cases where the patient needs one-on-one care at home,

  • Minimizing the burden and fatigue of patient relatives,

  • Minimizing the risk of being hospitalized again for the discharged patient,

  • It is necessary because of the advantages it offers, such as the patient's ability to receive care in a comfortable way without leaving their immediate surroundings.



Home Doctor Services is a health service where patients and their relatives can be examined by our general practitioners at their location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) without the need to come to the hospital.

Service hours include working hours. (09.00-17.30)

Situations covered by Home Doctor Services:         

  • home examination

  • chronic disease control

  • Health status tracking

  • Home Care assessment

  • On-site industry assessment

  • Video doctor service (Online)

  • Check Up service at home

  • Nutrition and dietitian service

  • Preparation of appropriate care plan for the patient



Home Nursing Services; It is a home nurse service that patients and their relatives can receive at their location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) without the need to come to the hospital in cases where routine control is required.

The service period varies hourly, daily, weekly and monthly depending on the patient's demand.
Situations covered by Home Nursing Services: 

  • Enteral and parenteral nutrition support at home

  • Prescription medicine applications at home

  • Preparation and administration of oral medications at home

  • Home injection (IV, IM, SC)

  • Immunization at home

  • Postural drainage at home

  • Hot/cold applications at home

  • Probe tracking at home

  • Home nasogastric tube follow-up

  • PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) care at home

  • Home examinations: Blood, saliva, urine collection, etc.

  • Medication applications from the port catheter at home

  • Port catheter washing and care at home

  • Vaccine applications at home

  • Home dressing, wound, stoma and decubitus care

  • Colostomy care at home

  • Tracheostomy care at home

  • oral care at home

  • bladder irrigation at home

  • blood sugar monitoring at home

  • Blood pressure, heart rate, fever monitoring at home

  • Surgical suturing and removal at home

  • Education and counseling to the patient and their relatives at home

  • Accompanying patient transfers at home

  • EKG at home

  • pain management at home

  • Medical device supply at home



It is a home care service created to facilitate the post-operative processes of patients and their relatives who underwent surgery in the Cardiovascular Surgery unit and to be by their side.
Surgeries covered by Home Patient Care Services:

  • Coronary Bypass Surgery

  • Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

  • Aneurysm Surgery

  • Varicose Veins Surgery

  • Carotid Surgery


Areas covered by Home Patient Care Services:

  • Doctor service at home

  • Online doctor service

  • home inspection

  • Nursing service at home 

Examinations are made (Hemogram follow-up, INR follow-up, glucose measurement, HDL measurement, LDL measurement, total cholesterol follow-up, urea creatinine follow-up, complete urinalysis.) 

Within the scope of 8-12 and 24-hour programs, home nurse support is provided systematically.

  • First month services at home after discharge

  • Long-term care at home

  • home support care service

  • Personal care service at home

  • Training and Consulting Services

  • 24/7 Care Services at Home

  • Home Living Space Design Service

  • After Intensive Care Service



Without the need for patients and their relatives to come to the hospital; It is a home physical therapy service where our physicians can be examined at their location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) against bone, joint, muscle, neurological and rheumatic disorders that occur later or congenitally.

Areas covered by Home Physical Therapy Services;


  • Rehabilitation of Orthopedic cases at home

  • Rehabilitation after home arthroplasty and arthroscopic surgery

  • Osteoporosis (bone loss) rehabilitation at home,

  • Obesity exercise program at home

  • Neurological rehabilitation at home

  • Rehabilitation after surgical procedures at home

  • Local injections at home

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation at home 

  • Rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases at home


Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care Services


What does Home Care Services provide for you?

With Home Care Services, you don't have to come to the hospital. At your location, your health problem is evaluated and the necessary treatment and care planning is done by our expert team.

What services are included in the Home Care application?

Home Care Services application; It offers a wide range of health services from home doctor examination to nursing services, from home physiotherapist to patient-specific care planning at home. In particular, your healthcare needs, such as applying serum to the patient, blood collection, wound care, dressing, transfer of the patient, injection to the patient, are carried out by professional healthcare teams.

Do you need to come to the hospital in Home Health Services?

All necessary procedures for Home Health Services are carried out by our expert health personnel at your location, at home or at your workplace.

Who, how and where can you reach for your Home Health Services needs?

To benefit from Home Health Services and to get information;

You can reach our patient consultants on 0535 250 71 71 or 444 4 324 phone lines. Our patient consultants do all the necessary planning on your behalf in coordination with our Home Health Team. Apart from these communication tools, you can also fill out the information form on this page. 

Does SGK pay for Home Health Services?

No. Home Health Services are not covered by SGK.

Can privately insured patients benefit from Home Health Services?

Our Private Insurance Unit checks whether the service is covered by looking at the content and scope of your insurance package and informs you in line with the information received from your insurance company.


Is the Contracted Institution discount valid in Home Health Services?

Yeah. All our contracted institutions can benefit from Home Health Services at a discount.