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Psychology Expert Clinical Psychologist Ecrin ZEYBEK
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Expert Clinical Psychologist Ecrin ZEYBEK


Ecrin Zeybek, born in Denizli in 1996, completed her undergraduate education at Istanbul Aydın University.

After graduating, she started her master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Istanbul Gelişim University. Sex therapy education, family and couple therapist education, child testing training throughout her undergraduate life: Child perception test (cat), School readiness test, Louisa Duss psychoanalytic stories test, Metropolitan school readiness test, Frostig developmental perception test, Ankara developmental screening inventory, Bender She completed Gestalt visual motor perception test, Koppitz human drawing test, Gesell development test nlp training, and also participated in professional communication, 5N1K in personal development, social entrepreneurship and leadership, communication and network marketing, values ​​and career management, healthy life and personal image certificate programs. . 

During her education life, she worked at the French Lape Hospital, Ataköy High School, Beyoğlu District Governorship, Prof. She completed her internships separately in the male and female wards of Mazhar Osman Mental Health and Neurological Diseases Training and Research Hospital. She graduated from her master's degree in 2021 and received the title of "Expert Clinical Psychologist". 

She provides services to her clients in the fields of child and adolescent, adult psychotherapy, family and couple therapy, sexual therapy, divorce therapy, at Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital.

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