Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery
Last Updated 10-02-2022 10:40:30
Cardiovascular surgeries are surgical operations performed by cardiac surgeons on the heart or the four main vessels. These are used mostly for the treatment of complications such as silent ischemia, heart attack cases, congenital heart problems, or heart valve diseases, related to causes such as endocarditic, acute rheumatic fever, and atherosclerosis. This field also includes heart transplant.
Function problems that occur in the working functions of the heart and the four major vessels of the heart and that require surgical intervention are resolved by the Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital in the presence of specialist doctors. Perfect management of surgical processes in complicated diseases is extremely important in terms of long-term resolution of the problem and providing the individual with the health service they need. 

Expert Team, Hygiene, Advanced Technology: Cardiovascular Surgery

Our cardiothoracic surgery department, formed by our specialist doctors in the field, diagnoses occlusion, rhythm disorders, circulatory problems and similar conditions in the heart and heart-related vessels, and as a result of the diagnosis, all facilities are provided by our hospital for the necessary surgical procedure to be performed at international standards. 
Advanced technology medical devices, high hygiene standards and surgical processes developed with specialist doctors increase the chance of overcoming cardiovascular diseases and create extra comfort for patients and their relatives.

Heart Valve Diseases Surgery 

Problems in the heart valve can cause heart valve leakage, thickening, infection or calcification. These changes in the relevant area are usually due to age, weakness of the heart muscle or genetic factors. During the diagnosis, treatment and surgical procedure processes at Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, our doctors begin your treatment with your consent after informing you and your relatives about the process in detail and explaining the risk factors of the surgical processes. 
For the professional treatment of heart valve structure disorder and other basic cardiovascular surgery problems, you need to trust specialist doctors in their field. In addition, the hospital's availability of technological surgical devices with international standards is extremely important in terms of maintaining the process efficiently. We, our valued patients, to regain their health and solve their problems related to cardiovascular diseases;
  • Repairs existing heart valve,
  • We perform prosthetic heart valve application.

Surgical Treatment of Heart Rhythm Disorders 

In rhythm disorders in the heart, it is necessary to determine the heart areas that cause the abnormal rhythm and to complete the treatment by targeting the networks associated with these areas. In this context, the following applications are used to detect rhythm disorders and similar problems and to initiate treatment: 
  1. CGM Test: As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we aim to predict the risk of heart attack that our patients face with the special CGM test that makes electrical measurements of the vessels going to the heart. This method has a stronger predictive power than methods such as classical EKG. 
  2. ABI Test: ABI Test is one of the advanced technological methods used to check the status of Peripheral arterial diseases. Peripheral arterial diseases occur when the narrowed arterial vessels cannot carry enough blood on their way to your extremities, thus reducing circulation. The inability of your circulatory system to work effectively enough may cause you to feel pain in your leg area.
  3. Coronary By-Pass: This method ensures that the blood in your veins is directed to the arterial vein in the area of ​​your heart that is completely or partially blocked. This procedure usually involves replacing one of the blocked arteries in your heart with a blood vessel taken from another area of ​​your body. This procedure, which requires a high level of attention, knowledge and skill, is carefully performed by the specialists of Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital. 
In addition to the above applications, Aortic Aneurysm Surgery, Left Ventricular Aneurysm Repairs, Heart surgeries with small incisions, surgical procedures targeting heart tumors and other surgical procedures are performed according to the patient's needs. We aim to carry out the treatment and treatment related to your ailment under the highest hygiene conditions in the company of our specialist doctors.