Anaesthesiology and Reanimation

Anaesthesiology and Reanimation
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We believe that every moment in examination and treatment, especially in surgical processes, should be carried out with methods that will protect your health, and we provide high standards of service in line with this belief. Our Anesthesiology and Reanimation department, which provides service with our specialists in our hospital, performs practices that will enable patients to tolerate the process without feeling pain or feeling pain at a minimum level before and after the surgery. 

All of our team members who provide service to you in our Anesthesiology and Reanimation department are doctors graduated from the Faculty of Medicine. Our doctors, who work to manage your anesthesia process by using tools and materials with high medical technologies, cooperate with other units and contribute to the smooth completion of surgeries.

What are the Types of Anesthesia? 

As a result of the demands and analyzes of the doctors of Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital in different surgical processes, different anesthesia applications can be used. Meetings between the surgeon who will perform the operation and the specialist doctor who will complete the anesthesia process allow the process to be managed in the most professional and error-free way. 

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia, which is usually applied for procedures that require general surgical treatments, allows temporary loss of consciousness without any change in your vital functions. This loss of consciousness is provided so that you do not experience and remember the surgical procedures performed on your body. This allows for: 

1.  Preventing sudden reflexes that may occur by you

2.  To reduce the feeling of pain to zero

3.  Maximizing treatment safety

4.  Being comfortable with the doctor or doctors who will carry out the surgical procedure

What is Regional Anesthesia? 

Regional anesthesia is applied in the most professional way if deemed necessary by the doctors who will perform the surgical procedure. Such anesthetic procedures can be used in a simple dental treatment in general or in the treatment of certain organs of the body. Unlike general anesthesia, regional anesthesia does not cause a general loss of consciousness in the person, the person is aware of the process. However, a loss of sensation occurs in the area where the surgical procedure was performed. This situation both helps to minimize the feeling of pain and in this way, the person does not show sudden reflexes. 

It is extremely important to establish an operation order in which the patient will not see the relevant area in order to prevent the patient from showing reflexes by following the procedure, who is conscious of the process. People who demand painless surgery can perform the procedure with this type of anesthesia. 

What is Spinal Anesthesia? 

Spinal Anesthesia, which is used as a method of anesthesia especially in cesarean births, is preferred by people who want to witness the process without losing consciousness. The fact that pregnant women want to witness the birth of their baby causes this method to be preferred frequently. Thanks to the anesthetic drug given from the lumbar region, the person does not feel pain during birth. This method allows the waist to be completely matched.

Our specialist doctors may prefer to apply Spinal Anesthesia for patients who should not undergo General Anesthesia after detailed examinations. Since it is risky to put individuals with heart failure, lung problems or respiratory disorders to sleep within the framework of the general anesthesia procedure, this method is often preferred in operations to be performed on the lower back region. 

Our specialists in the field look for the answer to the question "Who is not given spinal anesthesia?" and make sure that you are not in the following situations in order to guarantee your life safety before the procedure: 

1.  Any infection in the lumbar region

2.  A previous experience of herniated disc surgery

3.  Blood coagulation problem

4.  Various skin diseases

If the application of spinal anesthesia is suitable for you, the necessary procedures are performed by our specialist doctors who make up our Anesthesiology and Reanimation department, and then the surgical procedure begins without wasting time. 

What is Epidural Anesthesia? 

Epidural Anesthesia is a method used to prevent regional pain. Epidural anesthesia can be applied not only in cesarean delivery but also in normal delivery for expectant mothers who generally do not want to feel the labor pains. Epidural anesthesia shows its effect within 15 minutes, the surgical procedure can begin immediately after. In anesthesia application,

1.  Correct timing,

2.  Applying the right dose of anesthesia,

3.  Applying anesthesia to the right area

it is extremely important. Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital doctors, who are experienced and expert in their field, answer your questions by eliminating all your concerns and then start the procedure. 

What is Local Anesthesia? 

The realization of low-dose anesthetic application, affecting only the area where the surgical procedure will take place, is called local anesthesia. Usually, Anesthesiology and Reanimation doctors are not involved for this method, the doctor who performs the surgical procedure can also complete the procedure with the help of a special needle. 

In addition, local anesthesiologists working in Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital provide support for all your questions and problems regarding the anesthesia procedure, examination and follow-up of life functions after anesthesia, and when you need to calm down about the process. 

In local anesthesia, the sedative drug is usually given intravenously through a needle and within a few minutes, the drug in question becomes active in the relevant area. The effect of this medicine may not pass for several hours after surgery. In order to prevent accidents that may cause numbness, your doctor can give you some advice about the process after surgery or treatment. This anesthesia method is also frequently used in surgeries that are generally performed for aesthetic purposes.

Combined Spinal Epidural anesthesia

Combined spinal epidural anesthesia, which we perform with our high-tech drugs and methods, means the consecutive application of both spinal anesthesia and epidural anesthesia. This method, which is often used in surgical interventions for childbirth, is one of the most popular choices of mothers who want to be conscious. Of course, which method will be applied is decided by the specialist doctor, taking into account the wishes of the mother, so that health is at the forefront.

How Does the Anesthesia Process Work? Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Anesthesia Principles

Anesthesia, which results in our patients losing consciousness or experiencing the sensation in a certain region, cannot take place in any way without the consent of the patient and the approval of the doctor. Therefore, as Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we are proud to say that we have implemented the following steps within the framework of basic medical rules and ethical principles: 

1.  First of all, the anesthesiologist and your doctor who will manage your related surgical process will contact you directly. This communication is made to inform you about the process, to explain the medical requirements to you, and to keep you informed about other methods and alternatives. 

2.  Then, detailed examinations are performed to determine whether you are suitable for anesthesia and to decide which anesthesia to apply. At Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, no step regarding your health is left to chance.

3.  Afterwards, the drugs you will need before the anesthesia procedure are administered by our specialist doctor. 

4.  Your doctor will inform you in detail about the process that will take place before, during and after anesthesia, and all your questions will be answered. 

5.  The form that will ensure the protection of your legal rights is presented to you. Once you sign this form, the anesthesia process begins and the related surgical procedure is started immediately. 

Apart from these practices, our anesthesiologists also actively work in intensive care units and algology (pain) polyclinics. The anesthesiologist manages both the anesthesia process and the awakening process of the patient and takes the necessary actions directly. Every step is led by professionals.