Emergency Department

Emergency Department
Last Updated 24-05-2022 10:38:41

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, with its expert, dynamic and strong staff, deals with cases requiring emergency intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and directs you to the relevant units with confidence. 

Emergency Service is provided by Denizli Cerrahi Hospital with high technology medical devices and expert team. Within the framework of triage coding, our doctors provide the fastest, emergency and dynamic intervention to patients who urgently need medical intervention. Emergency service includes the following steps:

Patient Reception – Consultation Processes

We care about supporting you in your difficult moments. Our specialist doctors in the field personally perform the patient reception processes in emergency cases and make the first intervention immediately. Specialist patient clients welcome both patients and their relatives, and guide the attendants in accordance with the protocols. The trainings received by our patient clients working in our emergency department in the fields of social relations, communication and patient satisfaction enable us to offer high service standards not only in medical terms but also in patient hospitality care.  

First Responder and Patient Admission in the Emergency Polyclinic

Our emergency department consists of 5 doctors who are experts in their fields, apart from our advisory team. As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we manage the patient admission process within the framework of the Emergency Service Regulations. 

1.  When our patients are transported to our hospital by ambulance, 112 services or on a stretcher, our doctors take the patient directly to the yellow room.   

2.  We care about protecting your health with maximum standards. Patients who are life-threatening and in need of primary emergency treatment are transferred directly to the red room, where first preventive interventions are carried out.

3. In  our emergency outpatient clinic, interventions are carried out within the scope of Triage Standards. 

Professional, Fast and Dynamic Intervention Process with Triage Application 

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital

•  Patients who need to be treated within 24 hours in green areas, who can walk and whose condition is not critical, are hosted. Our dynamic and fast team performs the emergency response immediately, without making the patients wait and following the order of priority.  

•  Secondary emergency patients are admitted to the yellow areas. It is obligatory to intervene in these patients within 60 minutes at the latest. The fact that our hospital's expert team consists of 5 people makes it possible for us to protect our health and comfort by intervening in the fastest way to almost all of our patients. 

•  Emergency patients are admitted to the red areas. Our doctors perform immediate intervention to our patients who require primary emergency intervention. Our specialist doctors take action directly to save lives without waiting for registration or other procedures.

Which Departments Are There in the Emergency?

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital works with a team of experts who can provide emergency intervention for all acute diseases. In this context, we provide treatment in areas where all hygiene measures are taken for our patients who come to our hospital with many complaints such as diarrhea, fracture and trauma, appendicitis problems, severe headache, vomiting, cuts and pneumonia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Services 

1.  Are uninsured patients admitted to the Emergency Service of Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital? 

Both uninsured and insured patients can apply to the specialist staff of our hospital's Emergency Department. Acceptance is provided by our expert team without any discrimination between patients.

2.  What is the Purpose of Triage Coding? 

The main purpose of triage coding is to provide priority service to patients who need intervention and are life-threatening. In this way, it becomes a stronger possibility to ensure the survival of all individuals, especially in mass cases. 

3.  What is the CRP method in emergency services? 

In our hospital, the CRP method, also called Resuscitation, is used by our specialist physicians when necessary. In case the heart stops suddenly, the patient has difficulty in breathing and vital functions are lost, our doctors apply the CRP method in order to enable the person to breathe again.