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Dermatology Skin Diseases

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital provides services with high technologies, especially in the treatment of skin diseases caused by allergies or problems in the immune system. Our specialist physicians use the devices and medical advantages offered by our hospital, which have international standards, in all examination and treatment processes. Dermatology is the medical department that undertakes the solution process of many health problems related to the skin. 

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, Department of Dermatology and Skin Diseases actively provides support in the following areas: 

1.  Eczema problems,

2.  Skin allergies, 

3. Hives on the  skin,

4.  Warts,

5.  I formation and I surgeries,

6.  Fungus in the feet and other parts of the body, 

7.  Treatment of skin cancers,

8.  Chronic hair loss problems,

9.  Diseases associated with nails.

Dermatology Removal Department at Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital 

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we care about your health and believe that the surgical procedures you want to have with aesthetic concerns should be completed with maximum care. Our specialist and experienced doctors use the hospital facilities as much as you need and perform your removal operation. 

Our professional team working in our Dermatology and Skin Diseases Department will surgically remove me from the skin if your moles bother you, have an unaesthetic appearance or have the possibility of turning into a problem such as skin cancer. 

Especially in moles, asymmetry, appearance with unclear borders, very dark color, elevation with slight relief may indicate danger bells. By making an appointment with our doctor working in our dermatology department, you can request their professional opinion and start treatment immediately after the examination. 


Denizli Special Cerrahi Hospital for Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

Some of the dermatology procedures cover the changes that patients demand for aesthetic concerns. For example, many procedures evaluated in the category of skin care and surgical aesthetics such as botox, filling, mesotherapy, needle radiofrequency, cosmelan, peeling are performed by our specialist doctor. You can consult your doctor to find out if the procedures are suitable for your texture, age and wishes.

The use of advanced technologies in hygiene and treatment processes is of great importance in all kinds of dermatological examinations and treatments. As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we use high-tech devices with maximum hygiene standards in all applications for aesthetic and health purposes. 

Our cosmetic dermatology unit provides active treatment in the following areas:

1.  Laser applications,

2.  Botox applications,

3.  Stain removal, pore treatment, removal of excess oiliness or dryness problems with microneedling,

4.  Filling injection (mostly for aesthetic purposes),

5.  PRP application 

6.  Chemical peeling application 


Which Treatments Are Used in Dermatology Department of Skin Diseases? 

So, how are dermatology department treatments performed? Medical technologies are developing rapidly in the treatment processes of skin diseases. Following international developments and integrating the methods used into them has a direct impact on the satisfaction of the patient at the end of the procedure. The following methods used in our dermatology clinics maximize patient satisfaction:

1.  Drug therapy: Most of the skin diseases are caused by the imbalance of hormone secretion. Your doctor may prescribe medication for you to correct the hormonal disorder.  

2.  Treatment with Cabin Phototherapy and Excimer Light Device: We have cabin phototherapy devices that reflect UVA, PUVA and narrowband UVB rays in the treatment areas equipped with the most advanced technologies. This device is extremely effective in the treatment of diseases such as eczema and vitiligo. Depending on the degree of symptoms, your doctor may prefer to use more than one method together. With the Excimer Light device, skin diseases such as lichen planus, alopecia or skin lymphoma can be treated.

3.  Laser treatments: We care about using advanced laser technologies that will provide the most effective treatment for our patients who apply to our hospital, especially in order to eliminate problems such as facial redness and blemishes. In our hospital, which has international standards in terms of technical equipment, our nurses and doctor perform every step from surgical procedures to laser treatments with great care. Our laser unit includes Broad Band Light called BBL, Er YAG laser called fractional laser and ND YAG laser. 


Does Dermatology Dermatology Department Provide Skin Care Services? 

Protecting your skin, your most valuable accessory, requires you to rely on experts for all of your skin-related repair and maintenance treatments. Our specialist doctor provides support not only for diseases but also for routine actions such as skin care. In this context, you can contact your doctor for chemical peeling (Jessner peeling, TCA peeling, glycolic acid peeling, AFA peeling, AMELAN peeling), rope laser applications, dermapen applications, anti-acne applications, needle radiofrequency applications and much more. 


Excessive Sweating Treatment with Dermatology Dermatology Department Experts

You can apply to Denizli Special Cerrahi Hospital, which is one of the most preferred centers in the field of Dermatology and Skin Diseases in Turkey, to solve the problem of excessive sweating caused by hormonal reasons. By applying the method also called iontopheresis, our experts help you overcome the problem of excessive sweating on the palms and soles. This method requires the application of a current of 15 to 25 amperes to the relevant areas using high-tech devices.

Iontopheresis application requires you to visit your doctor in regular sessions. Generally, depending on the rates of excessive sweating, repeating the iontopheresis procedure once in 1 to 6 weeks will contribute to the continuity of the results you get. 

In addition to iontopheresis, Botulinum Toxin-A Botox Procedure is an injection type used to prevent excessive sweating that can be seen intensely under the armpits. This application, which has an extremely high success rate, allows you to get rid of the problem of excessive sweating for a long time. 


Foot and Nail Health Treatments with Dermatology Dermatology Department Specialists

Special Denizli Cerrahi Hospital specialists provide you with health services in the following areas with its foot and nail health unit: 

1.  Ingrown nail treatments,

2.  Foot sweat and foot odor treatments,

3.  Advanced age medical foot and nail care,

4.  Diabetic foot care,

5.  Care and removal of calluses on the soles of the feet, between the toes and on the toes,

6.  Providing necessary foot care training,

7.  Drug treatments.


Does Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Dermatology Department Treat Hair Loss? 

Our Dermatology Skin Diseases department also performs the examination and treatment of hair problems within the scope of skin diseases. Problems such as excessive hair loss, dryness of the scalp and eczema may cause patients to demand treatment with aesthetic concerns or to experience pain on the scalp. The high-tech devices used in the treatment of such sensitive areas make it easy for the treatments to have long-term results. 

Our department specialists organize personalized treatment processes using the most up-to-date technology and treatment approaches. Various methods such as PRP, immunotherapy or steroid injection are applied with high technological standards. To benefit from these treatment methods performed in our hospital, you can contact our doctor and make an appointment. After the appointment process you create, various tests and examinations provide professional opinion to our experts about which form of treatment may provide the most benefit for you.