İnternal Medicine

İnternal Medicine
Last Updated 10-02-2022 14:49:07

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we provide high standards of internal medicine and internal medicine services by using the most up-to-date technology and adopting numerous testing, examination and examination approaches. The procedures carried out with specialist doctors in the field are delivered to treatment after the following processes: 


laboratory procedures

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, our technological facilities and our biochemistry laboratory allow all internal diseases and internal medicine-related tests to be completed within our own structure. The test results, which appear quickly and with high accuracy, are combined with the professional opinion of your doctor and the most accurate treatment method is decided. All blood, urine, stool and similar laboratory tests are completed in our hospital. 


Radiological examinations

By making use of high-end and high-tech imaging methods, we can have detailed information about the working processes of the internal organs. In this process, personalized methods developed for each of the patients and their disease forms are applied. In this way, the probability of success of the treatments increases several times. In this context, X-ray, ultrasonography, mammography, computed tomography, MRI, bone density test and much more allow the most accurate scientific results to be obtained and the process to be managed within the framework of these scientific results. 


Endoscopic examinations

The tools and methods to be used in internal medicine treatment processes, as well as the diagnosis of the disease that caused you to come to the hospital, need very detailed analyzes. In this context, the examinations performed by our doctors using the sophisticated medical tools in our hospital make the process perfect. Under the name of endoscopic examinations, all tests such as upper gastrointestinal system endoscopy and colonoscopy are performed by the specialists of our hospital. High medical skill allows for the best interpretation of said test results. 

In addition to the above methods, EKG or echocardiography methods are also used in the internal medicine and internal medicine departments of our hospital. Early diagnosis and accurate examination are extremely valuable in order for the diseases to grow and spread day by day and the organs begin to fail to perform their basic functions. Each of the tests performed in our hospital is carried out within this framework.

Which Diseases Does the Department of Internal Medicine and Internal Medicine Treat?

In the examination and treatment process that you will continue with our doctors who are experts in the field of internal diseases, treatments covering the following areas are carried out:


Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension, which is one of the diseases that occur due to circulatory problems, occurs as a result of the pressure of blood on the vessel walls during circulation. All of the organs in the body need blood coming from the veins to work. Two different measurements are made regarding blood pressure in a healthy adult individual. 

Dystolic blood pressure should be below 80 mmHG and systolic blood pressure should be below 120 mmHG. If the pressure during this blood circulation is above these values, a problem of hypertension is experienced. Problems such as the emergence of vascular damage occur directly due to hypertension. After your meetings with your professional doctor, you can get treatment services that can solve your hypertension problem in our department.


Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes, which is very common in Turkey, is treated in our internal diseases department. This disease, which occurs due to the unbalanced secretion of the insulin hormone, causes blood sugar to rise and this results in the inability of the circulatory system to work effectively at advanced levels. 

Inadequate functioning of the organs can cause certain areas of the body to lose their function over time. The procedures performed at the Private Denizli Surgical Hospital are generally supported by drug treatments. 


Cholesterol Treatment

Cholesterol has become an increasing problem, especially in recent years, with artificial foods occupying a high level of daily eating habits. Cholesterol problem can sometimes recur in people due to hereditary reasons. In order to overcome cholesterol, it is necessary to organize a very careful and professional treatment process. You should follow the advice your doctor will give you about your nutrition routine throughout the process and follow the additional drug treatments. 

It is important to visit your doctor regularly in the treatment of cholesterol. Thanks to the biochemistry laboratory at the Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, all the tests are completed quickly and accurately.


Anemia / Treatment of Blood Diseases

It is extremely important to analyze blood values ​​in detail and to apply various treatments within the framework of these analyzes in order to restore the best blood values. In daily life, dietary habits, hereditary characteristics and various environmental factors can cause anemia, also called anemia. High-tech analysis and treatment methods allow the fastest detection of problems such as vitamin B12 deficiency, folic acid and iron deficiency. 

After the diagnosis, you can organize the treatment process within the framework of your doctor's guidance and follow up your health status with regular examinations in Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital. Of course, the units dealing with the problem of anemia also work in cooperation with other units. In the event that the disease reaches a higher level, it may be possible to refer patients with anemia problems to the hematology clinic. 


Upper and Lower Respiratory Diseases

As Private Denizli Cerrai Hospital, we organize high-tech treatment processes for our patients who experience upper and lower respiratory tract diseases. Treatments for the treatment of the common cold target the nose and throat areas. 

In addition, upper respiratory tract diseases that cause more serious complications are also treated within the framework of professional processes. Consultation processes and problems related to chest diseases are treated in cooperation with the general internal medicine clinic.