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What is Psychiatry?

Being strong enough in your psychology is extremely important in terms of increasing your body resistance and protecting your mental health. Many physical and hereditary conditions cause you to experience psychological problems. These problems can sometimes manifest as mood disorders and sometimes as behavioral disorders. In order to overcome these, therapy can be provided in sessions. In addition, if the psychiatrist deems it necessary, these therapy sessions can be supported by regular drug use. Both pharmacotherapy, that is, drug treatment; and psychotherapy, that is, mental therapy, are the methods actively used in the psychiatry clinic.

The psychiatry clinic offers therapy services for children, adults and couples. In particular, child and family counseling is a service that has recently been used by parents who aim to raise healthy children. Our department, which hosts expert psychiatrists in the Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, carefully manages the comprehensive examination and treatment processes. Regular sessions allow your doctor to observe your progress and give you feedback. 


Health Services Offered in Psychiatry Clinic

1.  Performing the service provided in the psychiatry clinic as a hybrid of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy requires absolute dominance of the psychiatrist's field. While unnecessarily, giving medication to speed up the process jeopardizes the psychological health of the patient, not giving medication when necessary may result in the patient's loss of body integrity and psychosocial skills. 

2. In the  psychiatry clinic, many intelligence and development tests are used to follow the mental development and skills of children. These tests, which are carried out for the purpose of examination especially for children who do not fulfill the behaviors and self-care determined as a necessity of their age, and children who perform well below the expected level at school, can be listed as MMPI, TAT, WISC-R, AGTE.


Psychotherapy Methods Used in Psychiatry Clinic

The rapid development of psychology and psychiatry sciences has made it important to follow modern treatment and therapy methods. Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Psychiatry clinic includes specialists who are experts in their fields and who structure the treatment processes by adopting current scientific developments. Your doctor starts a therapy follow-up process that he/she has tailored for you and applies the appropriate therapy method for you. Depending on the doctor's education and preference;

1.  Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the process of targeting the schemas in the mind of the person that enables the prediction of his/her behaviors and aiming to change the behavior by changing these schemas. Cognitive behavioral therapies encompass a wide variety of methods, from exposure to 'chair therapy'. Your doctor can use the treatment methods that he developed himself or that are frequently used in the literature for you.

2.  Play therapy is all of the treatment processes that are used especially in family and child counseling processes and that are maintained by putting children into the play environment. It is possible to reshape cognitive schemas and follow behavior through the game. 

3.  Family therapy is a type of therapy that is carried out together with family members who wish. In such treatments, the psychiatrist allows people to express their feelings and thoughts under expert moderation, and provides a safe space for them by directing them where necessary.


Which Diseases Are Treated in the Psychiatry Clinic? 

Diseases that are related to psychosocial development and cause behavioral, emotional or functional problems are treated in the Psychiatry clinic. In order for this not to be a part of a surgical process and to be treated by the Psychiatry clinic, the problem should not be directly related to the working performance of a structure, and social, cognitive and emotional distortions and anomalies should be included. The psychiatric service receives support from other medical units in extreme cases. In particular, the neurology clinic can work with the Psychiatry department to resolve various behavioral disorders.