General Surgery

General Surgery
Last Updated 10-02-2022 12:03:24

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we provide service with a professional team of operators who are experts in their fields. So, what does general surgery mean? General surgery is a general name given to interventions performed directly by surgical procedures in order to eliminate various health problems. 

In the process of surgically improving general body functions or medical problems that affect the working performance of a certain part of your body, our team works in high-end surgical equipment and in areas designed according to high standards.

All general surgery treatments are offered in our hospital by following the most up-to-date medical procedures. Our department, which is constantly updated with the follow-up of international medical technologies by our doctors and hospital team, offers you treatment opportunities in many areas such as Brain and Nerve Surgery, Oncological Surgery, Large Intestine, Stomach, Pancreatic Cancer Treatments, hernia and gallbladder operations. 


Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Emergency Surgery Services

 We have all the necessary equipment and expertise to provide the most comprehensive and safe intervention to our patients who need urgent surgical intervention due to life-threatening conditions. We work in accordance with the principles of understanding public relations and professional ethics in the services we provide within the framework of the social awareness we have for the improvement of public health.


Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Surgical Operation Areas

General Surgery doctors in our hospital provide surgical and non-surgical intervention services for all of the following diseases: 

1.  Thyroid gland diseases that require surgical intervention such as Goitre or Hyperthyroidism

2.  Cancer treatments (breast, stomach, esophagus, liver, pancreatic cancers)

3.  Intestinal blockages

4.  Liver treatments (benign and malignant tumor treatments)

5.  Spleen-based surgical diseases

6.  Treatment of stones and tumors in the gallbladder and its pathways

Our General Surgery Department Treatment Principles as a Hospital

Our staff, who provide a comfortable waiting area by directing our doctors, patient clients and companions, in all areas from patient admission to the operation process;

a)  Informing patients and their relatives about the process,

b)  Monitoring the development of the patient in the process and informing his relatives,

c)  Ensuring professional treatment with high-tech tools and operating fields within the framework of the opinions and wishes of the best general surgeons,

d)  They play an active role in the detailed and regular disinfection of operating areas and other areas within the scope of standard procedures and special pandemic procedures. 

A Comfortable Treatment & Patient Beds

We care about the health and comfort of you and your loved ones accompanying you. After providing you with the best treatment in the field of general surgery in Denizli, we host you in private single rooms for the required period of time. The continuous inspection of our specialist doctors and nurses provides the measurement and analysis of the working performance of the relevant functions after the general surgery procedure. 


Oncological Surgery Service 

In our hospital, vital general surgery treatments, especially for cancer treatments, are shaped with a modern understanding. All the details required by your cancer treatment are determined within the framework of consultations of our doctors with experts in other departments and a procedure that will provide maximum efficiency is planned. 


Gastrointestinal Surgery Service 

Our specialists actively provide services in the sub-field where the treatments for tumors, functional disorders, obstruction and cancer in the gastrointestinal regions take place. For your ailments in regions such as stomach, small intestine, large intestine, appendicitis, surgical treatment is started immediately after the diagnosis process. 

Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery

General surgical operations related to the gallbladder are called Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery. All of our high-tech devices are used to ensure the surgery has a high success rate. We are proud to provide general surgery services at international standards in Denizli.