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Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital offers advanced treatments with its specialist doctors, high-tech devices and treatment areas, especially for Neurosurgery diseases that directly affect the organ and tissue health and directly change the ability to maintain daily life. It is extremely important to be able to use the new devices and treatment methods offered in the light of these developments by following international developments, especially in a field that is constantly developing in the modern age, such as Neurosurgery. Every detail, from brain imaging methods to the contributions of newly published articles, plays an important role in shaping the future health of the patient. 

Each of the Brain and Nerve Surgery specialists in our hospital, who are experts in their field, takes all the necessary steps to follow and always stay up to date. Our hospital, on the other hand, creates a leading position in the country by following international standards in terms of the opportunities provided to patients and doctors during the examination, treatment and hospitalization process.

What Does Brain and Nerve Surgery Look at? 

Generally speaking, neurosurgeons doctors are responsible for identifying and treating tumors arising from the activity of the brain, spinal cord tissue, and other surrounding areas. Of course, not all treatments are always cancer-focused. Especially;

  • Injuries that occur as a result of hitting the head and spinal cord,
  • Neurological disorders that occur due to genetics or a sudden problem at birth,
  • Behavioral problems in childhood 
  • Occlusions in the vessels leading to the brain, 
  • hydrocephalus,
  • Disorders related to the function and structure of the jugular vein, also called Carotid Stenosis,
  • Conditions called Arterio-Venous Malformation, where the arteries and veins in the brain form a structural area that is prone to bleeding,
  • spine diseases,
  • Treatment of Karpar Tunnel and similar disorders, especially seen in individuals working at the computer, and other treatments related to nerve congestion,
  • Waist and neck hernia,
  • Brain injuries resulting from accidents, beatings, etc.
  • Brain hemorrhages as a result of sudden impact or trauma, 
  • Aneurysm problem, also called "bubbling" in vessels where the brain or spinal cord is not fed       

Methods Used in Brain and Nerve Surgical Procedures

Brain and neurosurgery procedures are performed by Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital using many methods. High-tech devices ensure that the surgical processes and preparations for surgery are completed with maximum efficiency. All of the following methods can be used to first identify the problems that cause functional disorders and then start the treatment. Our specialist doctors determine which of these methods to use, and all the conditions of the hospital are mobilized to provide the necessary treatment processes. Thanks to our hybrid operating room technology, we have areas that combine medical imaging devices and treatment devices that doctors need, especially in neurosurgery procedures. These areas 

  1. Mobile Computed Tomography : One of the most advanced versions of brain imaging technologies, relocatable computed tomography devices were offered for our doctors to have maximum comfort while providing service to you. 32-section computed tomography devices support experimental diagnosis and examination processes thanks to real-time rapid scanning. At the same time, image tracking technology is also available in these tomography devices.
  2. Magnetic Resonance : Thanks to magnetic resonance imaging devices, brain regions marked using radiation technology help to find out what caused the behavioral disorder. Thanks to the technology of radio waves, it is possible to create detailed pictures of brain anatomy.
  3. Neuromonitoring Device : The main function of this device, which is used by the professionals of our hospital within the scope of brain and neurosurgery treatments, is to accompany the treatment processes of spinal cord patients. This device, which is preferred to minimize possible errors in surgeries related to the spinal cord and to protect the patient from the risk of paralysis, allows our doctors to show all their professionalism in the procedure, thanks to its high technology. 
  4. Endoscopy: A small area may need to be viewed in detail, especially in brain-related problems. In such a situation, it is important to develop technologies that can provide a wide field of view from this small area to complete the treatment process without error. Endoscopy is one of the methods used by our doctors for herniated disc, hydrocephalus, ventricular tumor treatments and other narrow space treatments. 
  5. Gliolan Staining Technique : Thanks to high-tech materials, our doctors can easily use the Gliolan Staining Technique, especially in the treatment of tumors associated with the brain and spinal cord. The patient's consumption of this substance shortly before the surgery allows the tumor cancer cells to appear different colors. In this way, your doctor will target only the tumor cells during the surgical procedure and the potential damage to other tissues will be minimized. 

Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Facilities

We care about the professional processes performed with minimum error in brain and neurosurgery. Taking advantage of the measurement and targeting options provided by high-end technological devices will directly change the quality of the treatment, especially in areas where each millimeter is important, such as brain and neurosurgery. We care about the health of our patients, and in this context, we offer devices with high success rates in the field to our doctors for your treatment.

Surgeries Performed in the Department of Neurosurgery

The details of the surgery are decided within the framework of the examinations to be performed by our specialist doctors. These decisions are shared with the patient in the most open way. Ethical consent of the patient is extra important, especially in surgeries related to neurosurgery. The types of surgeries performed can be listed as follows: 

  1. Tumor Surgery : This includes cancer treatments for the spinal cord and various parts of the brain.
  2. Peripheral Nerve Surgery : Brachial plexus injuries, peripheral nerve tumors and other problems are treated in order to overcome health problems not only in the central nervous system, but also in the peripheral nervous system.
  3. Epilepsy Surgery : Having high-intensity epileptic seizures due to neurological problems may reduce your quality of life, negatively affect your participation in social life, and may cause you to face the danger of harming yourself during the seizure. An effective epilepsy treatment requires a neurological surgery process within the framework of the strategy developed by your specialist so that you do not continue to experience such harmful situations in your life. 
  4. Functional and Stereotactic Surgery: These are surgeries performed to provide treatment for behavioral and movement disorders caused by brain and nerve disorders. These operations can sometimes be performed for persistent pain in a certain part of the body. 
  5. Radiosurgery : Treatment processes of neurological problems such as metastases, pituitary adenomas, vestibular schwannoma, trigeminal neuralgi are performed by specialist doctors in the Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital. Some of the studies carried out in cooperation with the Psychiatry clinic of our hospital concern Radiosurgery. For our obsessive-compulsive patients who are in the psychiatry clinic and demand surgical intervention, surgical treatment is performed with the radiosurgery method. 

As Private Denizli Cerrahi Hospital, we care about providing medical services with high hygiene standards and enabling international technologies for you and our specialist doctors.